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A Legacy of Sweetness: Honey Queen Through Generations

At Honey Queen, our journey is more than just a business; it is a torchbearer of India's oldest beekeeping legacy, passed down through generations. For decades, our family has been dedicated to the art of beekeeping and crafting the finest honey products, each generation building upon the wisdom and traditions of those before them.

1st Generation : The Pioneers

Our Story begins with the pioneers, who ventured into the world of beekeeping, fascinated by the intricate dance of bees and the liquid gold they produced. 


Mrs. Parvinder Kaur Kapoor & (late) Mr. Jagjit Singh Kapoor who hailed as the Honey King of India, laid the cornerstone of Honey Queen, thus setting the stage for the emergence of a beloved brand. 


While Mr. Jagjit sourced machinery from global markets through imports and modernised honey processing techniques, Mrs. Kapoor played a pivotal role as the bedrock of the burgeoning enterprise. She managed public relations, procurement, processing, and the production facility, all while caring for their three children. The machinery employed for this purpose was either designed by Mr. Kapoor himself or influenced by designs he encountered during his international ventures.

This enduring legacy continues to inspire us as we endeavour to preserve the artistry he pioneered, nurturing successive generations of Indian beekeepers.

At Honey Queen, we are more than just a honey business – we are a family. Each jar of our honey embodies a legacy of love, dedication, and expertise passed down through generations. When you choose Honey Queen, you're not merely enjoying the rich flavour of our honey; you're becoming a part of our enduring legacy.

Our honey is more than a product; it's a connection to the past, a link to the generations before us who lovingly tended to their hives and crafted this liquid gold. Every spoonful is a taste of tradition, a reminder of the time-honoured techniques and knowledge that have shaped our family's journey. Join us on this remarkable journey through the generations, and let the sweetness of our legacy fill your life with joy, health, and flavour.

Our Promise to You

2nd Generation :  

Founder of Honey Queen

With a lifelong passion for apiaristry, Mrs. Ritu Kapoor Suri, the visionary founder of Honey Queen, proudly continues her family's beekeeping legacy. As a torchbearer for this tradition, she adeptly combines ancestral wisdom with contemporary innovation, with an aim to position Honey Queen at the helm of the honey industry. 

She has garnered multiple international accolades and has achieved the esteemed status of 'World Honey Queen,' a recognition granted to her by Apimondia, the International Federation of Beekeepers' Associations. 

Mrs. Suri's fondness for honeybees has motivated her to consistently partake in a variety of gatherings, institutions, and occasions committed to fostering awareness about these crucial pollinators. 


Similar to how she used to relish her visits to the beehives with her father, her two daughters, Ms. Ekankaar Suri and Ms. Charan Kamal Suri, also have a deep affection for these tiny creatures fascinated by the intricate dance of bees and the liquid gold they produced. 

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